Communication & Healing

I often hear: ‘it would make life a lot easier if horses could speak’. But they can! Let me communicate with your horse in order to get to a sustainable solution more quickly. The result is that you’ll save the costs of a long search and that you can enjoy your horse sooner.


For other people it may be a little bit unusual, but for me it’s completely normal and have been for my whole life. I have the gift of commucating with horses (and other animals). Apparently I am able to tune into the same wavelenght as horses which makes me able to hear their voices, know their needs, their emotions and their history. They show me images and I feel what they feel inside their body. And the horses hear me as well. To me this is a very precious gift and I love helping horses with it.

One of the big advantages is that the horse is able to tell me what is bothering him and what his needs are. It usually takes a lot of time figuring out what is the right treatment or change in management for your horse. It therefor can take a lot of time to find the right answer to your problem. By having me communicating with your horse you can save a lot of time (and therefor money) and discomfort.

Disclaimer: My communication with your horse (my readings) never substitute the care of a certified equine vet. I advise you to be in touch with your equine vet before you contact me for a reading. Have you consulted your equine vet and do you still have questions? In that case I will help you make use of the wisdom of your horse.

Restoring the emotional and energetical balance

Everything is in essence energy, your horse as well. Even science has proven the fact that there is more space, more energy, than matter. Apart from my ability to communicate with horses, I am also able to send healing energy. In every communication with horses, I help the horse overcoming energetic and emotional blockages. Problems that have their origin in such a blockage disappear or respond to further treatment much quicker. You see results like positive changes in behaviour, sustainable results in further treatment. You will find reviews on my website that illustrate this.

Of course you are allowed to share the report you receive after a reading with your equine vet. Be conscious of the fact that a lot of vets still don’t accept the possibility to communicate with horses. You can also just share your new presumptions without sharing the actual report.

A review which illustrates that what I felt,
was confirmed by the equine vet.

As a result the horse, named Spirit, was helped very quickly
and the owner didn’t need a long and costly search.

“Long story short… after all kinds of tests, the vet “scoped him”. Turns out he has a displaced soft palate meaning the epiglottis gets stuck in the soft palate and then he coughs to get it out. It was probably brought on by inflammation due to allergies. Luckily we caught it soon enough that she gave him anti-inflammatory injections and then banamine the next 3 days. 

But do you see how it was throat and tummy because of the epiglottis/esophagus factor?

I feel your healing guided us to find the issue. And helped him to heal really easily and quickly.
Christine Hendler
What If Farms – Florida, USA

Making an appointment

I work both on location as well as from a distance, but preferably from a distance because this is more pratical since I work internationally. The results are the same. I communicate with horses all over the world, for example also in the United States of America. I also work with deceased horses. Not even the sky is the limit.

Would you rather have a reading on your horse’s location? Feel free to contact me and we discuss the possibilities. You can easily reach me by phone or by sending me an e-mail. Would you, before making an appointment, like to speak to me first? In that case also just feel free to contact me.

Phone number: +31 6 1980 2463
Are you calling from a different timezone? Please only call between 9 am and 5 pm CET.