What others say about us.

You have translated the system I form with all these animals who have gathered around me, in order for us to harmoniously be and thrive together.

"Dear Merel, first of all thank you... you have given me and my animals a very great gift. I can’t ever thank you enough.


We met because of my big friendly giant Cash. A horse filled with love, but also with pain. You communicated with him to ask him what his life meant to him and what he needed. A difficult decision followed, but without you we couldn’t have taken this decision.
A while later another horse entered my life, Spetter. I hoped that I had taken the right decision chosing this wise mare. In this case too your words, healing hands and input was of great importance for her and our bond. You have translated the system I form with all these animals who have gathered around me, in order for us to harmoniously be and thrive together."


"This is an example of what I have felt and seen from Merel’s gift when she helped me finding our kitty Dropje. Dropje didn’t come home for more than 24 hours so I sent Merel a message to ask her if she is able to find a kitty. Merel answered ‘I can always try it.’ And she did. Merel told me Dropje was nearby. She didn’t go to unfamiliar terrain, but she wasn’t able to come home. I told Merel that I couldn’t hear her because she never meows and it was also very windy. Merel told me she would tell Dropje to meow loudly in order to make sure I could hear her. During this conversation I walked outside and within seconds I hear Dropje meow, loudly, very loudly. She had never done this before and after this I never heard it again. Within 3 minutes little cold and shivering Dropje was found and I could help her get out of a tree.
Dear Merel, you help, you heal, you find. In everything! Beautiful human being, thank you!!! I hope you will be able to help many more animals and humans!!!!"

Rikkie Weevers – Stous

‘What an exceptional experience! I didn’t know what to do anymore when my horse’s behaviour changed suddenly, so I called Merel. She did a reading and she gave a healing. The things she said were very recognizable and confirmed what I thought. The most beautiful result was my horse’s response. In the beginning his eyes were hard and tense and he turned away from us. During the session his eyes softened, he lowered his head and he started licking and chewing. Finally I saw relaxation in my big friend! At the end of the sessios he let me touch him again, a gift!


Hi Merel, I want to let you know that Poker is doing much better. He is truly much more approachable en looks a lot happier. I gave him a cure for stomach ulcers, but the change in his behaviour was already clearly visible before this cure. I am really happy you were able to help us.


'I totally recognize him in everything. It is so special for me to hear that, because of the communication, a large part of my feeling is comfirmed. Before this I received contradictory advice and had become desparate because of that.'

'Again, I am truly happy with your reading and it also confirms that we are heading in the right direction. I will keep you posted and will ask for another reading.’ (This was after a second reading, this horse was really improving al lot!).'

‘Thank you for your very valuable words. I am grateful you were able to do this for my horse. I will start with the advise you gave me.’

‘Everything you told me about him is true!’ (Trail rides and leaving the stables was a big problem and after the reading/healing I received this message:) ‘During the ride he was very enthusiastic, forward and he gave me his trust. We rode through the forest in a very relaxed way with a loose rein.’

During the reading the horse let me hear music (a specific song theme park The Efteling). I had no idea why and it was quite peculiar. But the music kept on ‘playing’ so I had to share this with this horse’s human. Apparently it was important. And this was her response: ‘Oh my God. I am a huge fan of The Efteling and of this song in particular. I am so emotional now. You decribed it so beautifully... ... ... This is so bizarre. I am trembling. Thank you very much. Truly wow.’