Communication by The Horse Medium

You will get to a sustainable solution because you receive the answer directly from your horse. 

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Feel free to contact us. And read more about what my work means to you and your horse.


These horse owners happily share their experience with you. They have experienced more insight into their horses, found a solution to help their horses en are enjoying being with their horses again.


With my gift I am able to be in touch with your horse on a different level. Therefor your horse is able to tell me directly what he needs to heal or what he needs in order to be happy. With this knowledge you directly know which further treatment your horse may need and which changes in management are needed for your horse to be healthy and thriving. You can at last enjoy each other’s company again and get succesful in sports for example.

About us

Here you read more about my journey from horse girl to horse medium and how I gave my beautiful rescue dressage horse (Andretti x Jazz x Aktion) his life back.

“Dear Merel, first of all thank you... what you have given to me and my animals in the past years, is huge. I can’t ever thank you enough. (...) You have translated the system I form with all these animals who have gathered around me, in order for us to harmoniously be and thrive together.“

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Here you will find my details in order to easily contact me. And in my blogposts you read more about my work and some results with the horses I helped.

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Feel free to contact me. I happily help you with more information.

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Get a better idea of what I do by reading my blogposts. You will also find my vlogs in which I share the stories of horses I communicated with.